The First Post

23 04 2010

So, now that I’m no longer an angsty teen, writing about my sullen romance or misdirected anger at the world, I’m starting another blog.  Hopefully I’ll, you know, actually get around to doing things with it. Summer’s on its way, which means a lot in terms of art that I’ll be posting here, because it won’t be art that was dictated by any professor at University, which is what I am calling the place where I am supposed to be learning how to Do Art.

Mostly, I hope to get my name out there a little bit – let people see what I do. Comment. Critique. Heckle. Troll. Whatever. Occasionally I’ll sign on and spew frothing vitriol about some new policy or pimple or whatever. Such is the life of the blogger. Perhaps more often than the spewing, I’ll post comics and doodles and stuff that I’ve drawn and talk about them like they’re important.

And, finally, I guess, thank you for noticing me at all and maybe following me please.




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