I love these guys.

28 04 2010

I’ve posted this on DeviantArt before, but this is just a pre-emptive warning.

I LOVE velociraptors wearing top hats.

It all started one day, when drawing a velociraptor, and I thought, “What would make this raptor extremely radical?” I scribbled a top hat, and realized that I’d created something amazing. Within a short time, he was known as ‘The Victorian Saurian’, which is the best name ever, regardless of any paleontological inaccuaracies regarding what is and isn’t technically a saurian.

Suffice to say, it is awesome. This time, the Victorian Saurian is robbing a bank, and being amazing while he is at it. Look at him go!

It is nearly the end of semester now, and I’m toiling away at my finals projects. Sadly, none of them involve velociraptors.




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