Now It Feels Like School

31 08 2010

I’m finally in my first art classes for the year, which are helping to make up for the intense amount of standing that my job forces me to do. It’s only been two weeks, and my feet haven’t stopped hurting since. I’m also doing my first homework, and bought my books this morning. My German book is called ‘DEUTSCH: Na Klar!’, which my boyfriend claims is super-hot when I say it, and I simply think it sounds (inappropriately) funny and continually say it.

It seems to be working out for me – I especially like the word for the alphabet, ‘Buchenstaben’, basically ‘what books are made out of’. I do like the language so far, and I feel like this will go way better than my attempts at learning Spanish. Granted, those were both at the hands of two incompetent women: one who didn’t even speak Spanish, and another who, upon finding out that unlike children in Arizona and Texas, teenagers in Montana do not know any amount of Spanish whatsoever, gave up and made us watch movies in Spanish the whole time. With English subtitles.




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