League of Legends (is pretty cool)

21 02 2011

I don’t normally like RTS games. In fact, I’m not much of a fan of games in general. I played DDO fairly frequently until recently, and I’ve occasionally enjoyed WoW, but on the whole most games seemed more effort than they were worth.

League of Legends is fucking addictive.

It’s not exactly like most RTS games, in that you only control one character on the screen. Think a combination of RTS and MMO elements – the multiplayer aspects with RTS control functions. Now make that idea awesome. You have LoL.

I usually play Tristana, and my username is Silruin. You should download the game and add me.


College is Eating My Spirit

13 02 2011

I’m pretty sure it is. It’s almost enough to give a person religion.

However, I’m hoping someone will give me either sleep aids or antidepressants.

This is Where My Math Homework Should Be

27 01 2011

I’m enjoying photography so far. My improvisational use of a condom as a translucent object was hailed as nothing less than genius. It also got me a few curled lips from my more reserved female classmates, and a sudden spike in just how conversational the young men were.

I purchased my Art History book from a friend for only fifty dollars, which isn’t too bad considering the new price is around $200, and the used price isn’t much better.

My math class is super-easy, which means that from my own mathematical perspective it’s challenging.

Painting? That’s a class?

School’s In

26 01 2011

My new classes have begun, and I’m trying my hardest to stride boldly into the challenges they present, instead of my usual ‘cringe and see if they’ll give me a ‘B’ method.

More on them later. I have class.

Not Like I’d Forget

25 12 2010

Now that I got that out of my system, I’d like to wish everyone (all two of you!) a merry Christmas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, well, I guess it’s a nationally sanctioned holiday, and nothing can really be done about that at this point in time, so I hope you have a really good day anyway. If you celebrate something else, then Happy That One, too!

And also, have a great New Year.

This Shit is So Daft Punk

25 12 2010

I know there are maybe two people tops who ever read my blog, and both of them are not only connected via real life but also Facebook, so they are continuously inundated with this stuff and they are probably getting tired of it very quickly.


I love Daft Punk. My boyfriend reintroduced me to it, more than a decade after my family convinced me that it was a bad thing to listen to any music that could be associated with Satan (i.e. Not Country). At a point in time when it’s becoming harder and harder for me to actively identify myself with subculture and ideology in general, it’s nice to find music filled with movement and passion, but lacking self-righteousness and frivolity (I’m looking straight at you, Conor Fucking Oberst). It’s music you can forget yourself to, a sound in which pure detachment can be achieved. I adore it. I went to go see ‘TRON: Legacy’ just because they wrote the soundtrack. Their live music is even more awesome than their recorded music because you can put in headphones and dance around with your eyes closed and you can pretend that you’re a blind person at their concert and dancing in a mysteriously empty space, and the crowd is everywhere with you because you can HEAR THEM.

On the non-Daft Punk side of things, other items of attraction are:
-Dinosaurs – Silesaurs! SILESAURS! Proto-sauropods that fall just short of classification as actual dinosaurs, and I love ’em so much. I keep imagining myself walking one around on a leash – they are like giant lizard greyhounds. I would look super classy walking one and wearing a tuxedo.
-Pokemon – Never gonna stop, guys. Quit trying to make me feel weird for playing Pokemon at age 21. I’m totally pre-ordering both Black and White versions, and I’m disappearing for a few days while I figure out the new-world immersion. Gotta catch ’em all, motherfucker.
-Comics – I found Jess Fink’s diary comic! I was so sad about the end of ‘Chester 5000’, which was super-hot and porny:

College Art Degrees are a Big Fucking Joke (if you didn’t actually go to art school)

6 11 2010

Fuck my Art Classes. Fuck ’em. I sometimes wish I’d moved all the way to Oregon to take real art classes instead of the fucking mess I have to put up with here. I should have spent the ridiculous amounts of money, the thirty thousand a year, a semester, so that I could actually learn something.

I wanted to go to art school to learn techniques I never would have. Maybe some design and illustration along the way. When I entered my fucking Sculpture class I thought I’d be learning how to implement wireforms and stands for larger, more detailed sculptures, not being told to make a fucking TREE SWEATER.

I can learn this abstract shit when I’ve mastered the basics, assholes. But while your fucking grad students are trying to get me to emulate Andy Goldsworthy, an incredible artist in his own right, I’m sitting over here struggling to make a proper cast.

Give your students what they need to know in order to build their own style. The raw material of life drawing, basic sculpting techniques, color theory, and perspective will allow them to improve miles beyond what your retarded abstract curriculum will ever teach them. You know who was an awesome realist before he became famous for his wildly abstract work? Motherfucking Pablo Picasso. You know who was an amazing surrealist, creating fantastic scenes with such depth and realism that they looked as though they could crawl right off the canvas and eat you? Salvador Fucking Dali.

Fuck you, you asshole. I’m done giving a shit about this sculpture class. I am retaking that shit next year from someone who is not a fucking grad student. Fuck.